Sunday, August 29, 2004

We are killing our heritage to make some money

I caught the tail end of a documentary on one of my local PBS channels:

Net Loss: The Storm Over Salmon Farming, Melissa Young and Mark Dworkin, directors, Moving Images , 2003, 52 minutes. Order from Bullfrog Films, (800) 543-3764 or

One comment stood out to me: "They are killing our heritage in order to make some money." Unfortunately it is this principle that is behind environmental degradation around the world: use up our natural resources, endanger public health with environmental pollution, all for the short term profit. Our world, and particularly our own nation, is like a spendthrift playboy spending off his parents' fortune. Soon we will be bankrupt and future generations will have to pay the price for our folly.

This documentary was about the impact of salmon farming in British Columbia and the Pacific Northwest. For a review see:

"By and large, though, the film serves as an illustration of mainstream aquaculture’s relentless march towards profit at any cost, as evidenced by its arrogant assumption that it can better nature through the genetic engineering of salmon."


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