Sunday, August 08, 2004

Protect the environment, vote for Kerry

The other day I heard Russell Train interviewed by Al Franken on Air America radio. Train is a Republican and former EPA administrator under Nixon and Ford, heading the EPA from Sept. 1973 to Jan. 1977. He also in 1988 co-chaired Conservationists for Bush, supporting Bush's father. Now Train is supporting Kerry because of Bush's anti-environmental record. Here is an article he wrote about Bush and the environnment:

see also:

Train describes the Bush environmental record as "polluter protection."

See also:

This is the website of Republicans for Environmental Protection America. Although not explicitly anti-Bush, it is clear they do not support the various anti-environmental policies of the Bush administration and are trying to offer an alternative voice within the GOP for those who still believe in conservation.

It seems to me the Democrats should make more use of the environmental issue in this presidential campaign. We debate jobs and the economy, but in the long run, it is really the destruction of our natural resources which most seriously threaten our economy and society. The Democrats have a far from perfect record, but it is dramatically better than the record under Bush.


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