Thursday, August 12, 2004

Leading neoconservative abandons Bush

Francis Fukuyama, considered a leading neo-conservative intellectual, has stated he will not vote Republican in the upcoming election. Fukuyama gained fame for his book, The End of History, published shortly after the collapse of the Soviet Union, in which he argued capitalist liberal democracy had prevailed over world socialism. He was also a leading light of the Project for a New American Century, an organization of neo-conservative intellectuals which in 1998 urged President Clinton to invade Iraq. In an interview with the Australian newspaper, The Age, he said his decision was based on Bush's failed policy in Iraq, and he particularly blamed Donald Rumsfeld, whom he said should resign:

"There seems to be this cultural thing that Americans don't resign, no matter what. But I think that people who are responsible for policy that hasn't gone well owe it to give a chance to somebody else. I just think they (the Bush Administration) ought to be held accountable for policy failure."

For the full text of the article, see:

- Steve Denney


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