Monday, November 08, 2004

Voting without the facts

Also in today's New York Times is an op-ed piece by Bob Herbert, in which he speculates that ignorance is a major reason why Bush won, and suggests we should have teach-ins in order to make the American public better informed. He cites particularly a Univ. of Maryland study which found that "70 percent of President Bush's supporters believe the U.S. has come up with 'clear evidence' that Saddam Hussein was working closely with Al Qaeda."

Herbert also cites the comments of a Christian radio talk show host on the dangers of liberalism:

If you don't think this values thing has gotten out of control, consider the lead paragraph of an op-ed article that ran in The LA. Times on Friday. It was written by Frank Pastore, a former major league pitcher who is now a host on the Christian talk-radio station KKLA.
"Christians, in politics as in evangelism," said Mr. Pastore, "are not against people or the world. But we are against false ideas that hold good people captive. On Tuesday, this nation rejected liberalism, primarily because liberalism has been taken captive by the left. Since 1968, the left has taken millions captive, and we must help those Democrats who truly want to be free to actually break free of this evil ideology."
Mr. Pastore goes on to exhort Christian conservatives to reject any and all voices that might urge them "to compromise with the vanquished." How's that for values?


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