Sunday, September 19, 2004

No Stars, just cuffs

From today's New York Times, excerpt:

No Stars, Just Cuffs
September 19, 2004

WASHINGTON - In World Wars I and II, gold star mothers were
the queens of their neighborhoods, the stars in their
windows ensuring that they would be treated with great
respect for their sacrifice in sending sons overseas to
fight and die against the Germans and Japanese.
Instead of a gold star, Sue Niederer, 55, of Hopewell,
N.J., got handcuffed, arrested and charged with a crime for
daring to challenge the Bush policy in Iraq, where her son,
Army First Lt. Seth Dvorin, 24, died in February while
attempting to disarm a bomb.

She came to a Laura Bush rally last week at a firehouse in
Hamilton, N.J., wearing a T-shirt that blazed with her
agony and anger: "President Bush You Killed My Son."
Mrs. Niederer tried to shout while the first lady was
delivering her standard ode to her husband's efforts to
fight terrorism. She wanted to know why the Bush twins
weren't serving in Iraq "if it's such a justified war," as
she put it afterward. The Record of Hackensack, N.J.,
reported that the mother of the dead soldier was boxed in
by Bush supporters yelling "Four more years!" and wielding
"Bush/Cheney" signs. Though she eventually left
voluntarily, she was charged with trespassing while talking
to reporters.

The moment was emblematic of how far the Bushies will go to
squelch any voice that presents a view of Iraq that's
different from the sunny party line, which they continue to
dish out despite a torrent of alarming evidence to the



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