Wednesday, December 01, 2004



By Jeff Pepper

The election of Bush fills me with wonder…
How could the voters make such a blunder?
I’ve lived many years as a citizen/resident
And I’ve never seen such a bad President.

Accomplished incumbents can run on their laurels.
Bush, on the other hand, ran on his morals.
Dub, I’ve got morals, too, I might note
And God knows there’s no way I’d give you my vote.

Brother, please tell me, in which gospel is it
Jesus favors the rich during His earthly visit?
Sister, I’m stumped, was it in Galilee,
That He preached the pre-emptive war policy?

The Prez moves me to pray, environmentally
I pray no one discovers oil in Yosemite.
If he sleeps through the global warming threat
We may not need to repay the national debt.

Did you like Columbine? Then Bush is your man.
He got rid of that pesky assault weapons ban.
But by non-mainstream lovers, he’s so offended
He wants our great Constitution amended.

We lost our big chance to tell him to stick it.
Now this prickly Bush will turn into a thicket.
The flower of this Bush doesn’t smell like a rose –
Pee-yew! Four more years of holding my nose.

copyright Jeff Pepper 2004
(Reprinted here with Jeff's permission).


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